AUDIO HERE: Coal Region inspires local band

SUNBURY — The coal industry is a regular topic of discussion on WKOK’s On The Mark program — often times a negative topic as many question its environmental risks — but recent guests on WKOK Sunrise say they are Coal Region Proud.


Codi and Joe Gaboff of Trevorton are half of local band The Codi and Joe Show. They played their song “Coal Region Proud” on WKOK Sunrise Thursday morning. They have written nearly 50 original songs, all of which they say are inspired by life in The Valley.


“I love writing songs, so anywhere music will take us would make me happy… But we love performing in The Valley, so if that’s all we ever get to do I’m happy,” Gaboff said. “When we first started I couldn’t even imagine getting paid to sing. It was the farthest, most wildest dream I could envision — and we get to do that now. Bars actually pay us to entertain for a few hours, so we already achieved that — anything else is just a bonus.”


The Codi and Joe Show consider themselves a “coal region folk band,” but they take their act across The Valley. While the Gaboff’s get the credit for writing the songs, they aren’t the only creative members — bass player Jesse Heath built some of their instruments — including percussionist Kristin Evans’ box-drum.


You can learn more about the band and their upcoming performances by searching The Codi and Joe Show on Facebook. WKOK has been highlighting local music and the arts across The Valley this summer. The Gaboff’s were guests on WKOK Surise Thursday morning. You can hear their interview and a few songs at


Codi and Joe Gaboff with Mark Lawrence during WKOK Sunrise

Codi and Joe Gaboff with Mark Lawrence during WKOK Sunrise



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