VIDEO HERE: Commemorating Veterans this holiday season

NORTHUMBERLAND—A Wreaths for Warriors ceremony took place Sunday afternoon in Northumberland’s Riverview Cemetery. Wreaths for Warriors is to commemorate veterans during the holiday season, by placing wreaths on veterans graves.

John Deppen, Co-founding member of the Wreaths for Warriors Committee spoke about the event saying, ” Wreaths for Warriors began eight years ago in 2006 as an effort to render honor where honor is due at the holiday season by placing wreaths on veterans graves. The effort began with 75 wreaths here in the Northumberland Riverview Cemetery and it has since grown to 1,500 wreaths between Snyder, Union, and Upper Northumberland Counties.”

The Wreaths for Warriors program is run through donations and volunteer efforts. Deppen spoke about their donation of wreaths from Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm saying, ” They have been a tremendous support, truly this effort would not be possible without their help and generosity . We have worked with them ever year to make this project a reality.”

Since its origin in 2006 Wreaths for Warriors has expanded from the Riverview Cemetery to cemeteries throughout Snyder, Union, and Northumberland Counties. (Sarah Lagerman)




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