Commissioner: Cuts bring salaries to normal level

UNDATED – Northumberland County Commissioner Stephen Bridy is defending the county’s slashing the pay of most elected row officers.  Bridy says since the 1970’s they have been “sold a bag of goods that these positions need to be well-paid.”

“With the two-party system, what we have seen is that they are getting paid beautiful benefits, wonderful salaries, a wonderful pension and the average citizen out there is suffering,” says Bridy.  “Even some people that are in our county now for three or four terms, they are looking at walking away with a pension of $3,000-4,000 a month.  Where could they get that in the private sector?… If you look at the 6th class counties, many are paid in the mid-thirties,” says Bridy.

“Also, many of those same counties have a higher median income than our county residents.  I propose that if you really want to see change in our government from top to bottom, set the median income at the elected officials’ salary.  Then watch the EPA get out of the way of business growth and we will see real wages start to rise.  Real wages haven’t risen in 13 years in our nation.”

Some row officers’ salaries were cut nearly 50%.  Bridy and Commissioner Vinny Clausi voted in favor of the cuts, while Commissioner Rick Shoch voted against them. (Sara Bartlett)




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