Commissioner responds to Sunshine Law suit

SUNBURY – Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi has been sued by a Coal Township resident who claims Clausi violated the Sunshine Law. William Knapick claims Clausi imposed a two-minute limit for public comment at a January 22nd commissioner’s meeting, but no motion was made or approved by the board to limit the time.


Knapick was cut off after about a minute of speaking at the most recent commissioner’s meeting when he brought up complaints about trees being cut down at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area. Clausi says Knapick needed to be cut off because he keeps repeating himself.


Clausi said, “The reason I shut it down, was because every meeting he comes to us with the same issue, we cut a tree, we cut a tree, we cut a tree, we cut a tree, we cut a tree. When are we going to make an arrest? How many times do we have to answer the question.” Knapick claims hundreds of trees were cut down in early December to create new trails for the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.


Clausi spoke on WKOK’s Monday On The Mark program and said the time limit is needed because the same topics keep being brought up that don’t pertain to the meeting agenda. Former chief clerk and assistant solicitor for Northumberland County Kymberly Best, who was fired by Commissioner Clausi and former commissioner Merle Phillips, is representing Knapick in this case along with Attorney Tim Bowers. (Ali Stevens)




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