Commissioner says county owes the DCED a quarter-million


SUNBURY – Northumberland County Commissioner Rick Shoch spoke out about emails he sent to the media this weekend, saying Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi owes the county more than $6-million. Shoch was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program and talked about a DCED grant that wasn’t administered properly and Northumberland County will be forced to pay back the money. Shoch said he couldn’t get information from Commissioners Clausi or Stephen Bridy, so he contacted the DCED himself.


Shoch said, “I basically felt like I wasn’t getting the answers I needed internally and it was being downplayed, so I did a records request and viewed records the DCED had. They informed me at that time that they were coming in for an audit. Ultimately, there is a letter we will be getting soon detailing what went wrong and what the county will owe back to the DCED and that will be more than $200,000.”


Shoch said if they had an open line of communication, they would not have so many problems, but feels their board is dysfunctional. He said, “This matter was known by Mr. Clausi since January. The time when they started blocking my emails was right at this point. In fact, the first email that I saw bounce back was alerting everyone to the fact that we had a potential quarter-of-a-million dollar liability on our hands.”


You can hear more from Shoch on this and his other complaints from Monday’s On The Mark program online at In the circulated emails, Clausi claims that Clausi owes the county millions, citing his belligerent and unprofessional handling of county business. (Ali Stevens)




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