Commissioner Shoch says cuts will not save money

SUNBURY — Northumberland County Commissioner Richard Shoch was the only commissioner not in favor of cutting the salaries of row officers in the county. Shoch said despite what Commissioners Stephen Bridy and Vinny Clausi say, it will not save taxpayers money.

Shoch said, “You aren’t going to attract competent people to these offices and frankly I believe the fact that Mr. Clausi and Mr. Bridy voted for this just shows their lack of understanding of what these offices even do.”

Shoch says the other commissioners don’t appreciate the importance of the offices or the level of competency that is needed to run the offices efficiently and effectively. When it comes to the controller being the only row officer who didn’t have his salary cut, Shoch said no one who works for the county was surprised.

He says people feel Tony Phillips is being rewarded for doing what Vinny Clausi wants. He explained, “If you come to our meetings you will see that he is called on-cue on a regular basis to back up and give, frankly in my opinion, one side of the story of the things Vinny Clausi is doing to try and pump him up. That’s a common tactic you will see him use. He tries to find somebody he feels has some credibility and get them under his thumb.”

Shoch added, “Mr. Clausi wanted to send a message to everyone that if you don’t get along with me, you stand up to me, you get punished, and that’s what happened to all the row officers.”

Shoch called WKOK’s On The Mark program Thursday morning. To hear all of his comments on the row officer’s salaries being cut, you can listen to Thursday’s On The Mark program here. (Ali Stevens)


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