Commissioner wants to sell administration building

vinnySUNBURY – Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi wants to sell the County Administration building in Sunbury in an effort to consolidate buildings owned by the county. Clausi spoke on WKOK’s On The Mark program Monday about the large amount of space not being utilized at the administration building.

Clausi said, “We do not need that elephant. We have 19-thousand square-feet and we have a few employees there. We can move the controller and the treasurer down to the building we purchased on Second Street. We could move the commissioner’s office to the courthouse.”

Some feared Vinny Clausi would move offices out of the county seat of Sunbury that needed to stay in the city, but he says that’s not the case. Clausi said, “ We can’t do that, but we can move other offices to the Career Link, that don’t need to be in Sunbury. The Career Link is empty. Why would you keep the building empty. We’re keeping two elephants.”

The Career Link building in Shamokin was vacated when the Career Link office was moved to Sunbury. Clausi also thinks paying the city for a District Judge office is wasteful. Clausi said, “We are paying $1,200 a month to the city of Sunbury to keep a magistrate’s office. We can move them to one of the buildings we own now. Then it would be there forever, since we own the buildings now.”

Clausi said he want’s to look at the best way to utilize the county owned facilities and feels selling the administration building could save the county thousands of dollars. Clausi tells us he wrote the Shikellamy School District a letter recently to see if they would be interested in buying the administration building, which is located next to the Shikellamy football stadium. (Ali Stevens)




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