Commissioners Meet at Legislative Breakfast

LEWISBURG– The joint legislative breakfast meeting was held Friday morning at the Country Cupboard in Lewisburg. County Commissioners from Union, Snyder, and Northumberland Counties spoke during the meeting. Each commissioner spoke about the problems their county faces with overcrowding of prisons and ways they are combating this problem.

Snyder County Commissioner Joseph Kantz talked about a program created last year to help non-violent offenders, saying, “When nonviolent criminals are prosecuted, community service ours can be handed out as a punishment. This program allows nonviolent offenders to work off a portion of their debt to society by helping local Governments and nonprofit organizations in our back yard.”

Northumberland County Commissioner, Rick Shoch thanked the other county commissioners for their support in fixing the overcrowding  in county prisons. Shoch said, “Thank you to the commissioners from the neighboring counties for having reached out to us. My hope is that we can reciprocate, reach out to you, and learn from you. Also, for both of us to have the courage to enter into some partnerships with things such as regionalized prisons.”

Union County Commissioner, Preston Boop spoke about the success of the treatment court of Union and Snyder County. PPL sponsored the meeting and Teri MacBride, Susquehanna Valley Regional Affairs Director, spoke on behalf of PPL. The next joint legislative breakfast will be held on September 20, 2013, sponsored by the Greater Susquehanna Valley and Central Pennsylvania Chambers of Commerce. (Sarah Lagerman)



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