Commonwealth Foundation wants liquor stores sold

HARRISBURG – The state’s conservative think tank, The Commonwealth Foundation, is encouraging state lawmakers to support privatization of the state liquor store system.

Matthew Brouillette is president and CEO of the foundation, and he’s hopeful the state house and senate will agree with Governor Tom Corbett’s plan, “We’re hopeful, that Pennsylvania will finally get out of the booze business, here in 2013, 80—years after the repeal of prohibition.”

State lawmakers are currently considering a plan that Brouillette said would give Pennsylvanian’s more choice, lower prices and more convenience. Currently the house and senate are considering slightly different plans, and they are receiving extensive pushback from unions who represent liquor store workers.

Brouillette (agreed with our reporter Mark Lawrence, that it is ironic that otherwise good republicans still want bigger government) said, “It is ironic that those who proclaim to believe in limited government, smaller government, and belief that the private sector ought to be doing most of the things in our economy that we retain this government control, almost a Soviet Union style delivery of our adult beverages.”

We’ll hear lots more about this discussion in the weeks ahead—including an interview with individuals associated with the state liquor store system.

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