Computer specialist: Internet dependence is risky

SUNBURY — It seems that everyone is online these days, but a local computer specialist says some folks may be too internet dependent. Bill Geise, of Geise Associates in Sunbury, says it’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket.


“Now internet is a key component of their main application,” Geise said. “What if you have all of your client data on the internet and the internet goes down?   What if your phone system is now on the internet and the internet is down? Your phone is not ringing, everyone is sitting there twittling their thumbs. Also, if you’ve been scanning your paper documents, you no longer have file cabinets of paper filed.”


Geise says it is especially risky for a business to rely on an internet connection, “When the internet goes down, businesses stop. There is nothing to do. So we have been developing systems and we are working to develop even more, to put together technologies that exist to give business double and triple redundancy of internet, so that effectively the internet never goes down.”


Geise was a guest on WKOK Sunrise Tuesday. You can hear more about the latest in technology topics here. (Codi Jade)




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