Conestoga gets injunction from HHS mandate


BEAVER SPRINGS – A Mennonite owned company, with manufacturing sites in Beavertown and Beaver Springs, has been granted a preliminary injunction protecting them from fines and penalties associated with the HHS mandate portion of Obamacare. A federal judge sided with Conestoga Wood Specialties, which filed a federal suit against the mandate, which forces employers to cover birth control and the morning-after pill for employees.


Conestoga was given a 14-day reprieve from the new mandate that took effect on January 1st. The company based in Lancaster County registered a complaint that stated that compliance with the mandate as it now stands would be for them “sinful and immoral.” The Conestoga lawsuit is said to be one of more than 40 challenges that have been filed against the federal law, mainly from Catholic or evangelical groups or businesses. (Ali Stevens)




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