Cong. Barletta wants answers from the NSA

WASHINGTON — The fine line between over-reach—and appropriate protection—is on the mind of US Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11th, Hazelton) as he learns more about the NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans.

Congressman Barletta said there is already a significant distrust of government, and if this is another example of government misuse, there will be consequences. What is worse, he said, is he found out from the media.

He said, “If I have questions, then how can I expect the American people to have trust and faith in the government. So, I think there’s a disconnect between the NSA, the intelligence committee, and the rest of congress, and what information we really have. So we really need to continue to look at this, we need to ask questions and we need to make sure that we not violating civil liberties but at the same time we’re protecting the American people.”

Barletta told WKOK that it will be a while until we can ‘wrap our heads around this,’ and the NSA will have to come clean, “Believe me, if I feel the federal government has violated civil liberties, I’ll be the first to want action to be taken.”

He added, “But, on the other hand, I also want to make sure that our families and our country is safe—and that– if they’re not violating those civil liberties, we shouldn’t jump to a conclusions until we have all of the facts and information.”

Congressman Barletta is on the US House Homeland Security Committee and represents the 11th district, which includes parts of Columbia, Montour and Northumberland Counties.





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