Congressman reacts to President’s Syria address

HAZLETON – Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11th, Hazleton) listened closely as President Barack Obama addressed the nation about Syria last night, and says he wasn’t enlightened by the speech.


Barletta said, “It appears that the plan, or lack of a plan, is really what the problem is. It’s giving the appearance of being confused of what to do. What I heard last night is that the President wants Congress to delay voting down his option of going into Syria. It’s no secret that in the House, overwhelmingly, most members are against any type of military strike. I think we lack a real plan and that was the problem all along.”


Barletta told us earlier this week that he would not vote in favor of a military strike on Syria, if congress needed to vote on it. He said, “I don’t believe we should be doing this alone. It just didn’t seem like this was the best options, when in fact, I believe it will draw us into a regional war.”


Barletta said he is not willing to send our troops into another war without a clear objective. You can hear all of Barletta’s remarks on Syria and the President’s address on WKOK’s Wednesday On The Mark program online at (Ali Stevens)






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