Constable wants to be city councilman

SUNBURY – A constable in Northumberland County would like to serve as a Sunbury City councilman. Ed Quiggle Junior is running for the position.

Quiggle said, “I wanted to give the people of Sunbury a choice for liberty. I want to change the city in a positive liberty oriented direction. I’ve been serving the city as the constable for the 9th Ward since I was elected in 2011.”

Quiggle explains his platform if elected as a councilman. He said, “I want to cut taxes and cut spending and doing that will invite businesses and individuals into this city. I want to make government more efficient. I want to restore constitutional governance and follow the state constitution and the U.S. constitution along with 3rd class city code. I think one thing our city council meetings could greatly benefit from is following Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Quiggle said the city code can also be updated to make sure everything is constitutional. You can hear more from Quiggle on WKOK’s Tuesday Sunrise program online at (Ali Stevens)

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