Couple taken into custody for vehicle theft


WILBURTON — Mount Carmel police have apprehended a Wilburton man and his girlfriend in connection with a vehicle theft this week. According to The News Item, 22-year-old David A. Pavloski II and 22-year-old Courtney Klemick are in custody.


Kerry Klemick, the woman’s father, said he received a phone call around 2:30a.m. from a friend who told him Pavloski and Klemick were drunk and had taken that friend’s SUV. The couple had Courtney Klemick’s 9-month-old son with them. The friend called police, who told her they would not pursue aggressively for the boy’s sake.


The News Item reports that the vehicle was eventually ditched on a mountain path. Police searched by helicopter and located the vehicle around 10:51a.m. Shortly after they converged on the house and kicked in the door when no one answered. The two were inside and were arrested. Klemick was allowed by police to enter the home to take possession of his grandson, who was unharmed. (Codi Jade)




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