Courtroom in Northumberland County Prison soon operational

SUNBURY – A mini-courtroom in the basement of the Northumberland County Prison, complete with cameras, will soon be operational in Sunbury. Commissioner Stephen Bridy explained the technology that will allow prisoners to interact with judges from the prison.


Bridy said, “The courthouse and the prison use a teleconference system similar to SKYPE. In the private counsel rooms, the prisoner or person that is being deposed by the judge, would have the opportunity to meet via teleconference, because typically the counsel is in the courthouse.”


Bridy says they are also adding high power WIFI in the courthouse so files can be sent electronically. WIFI is also being put in the District Justice’s offices. Bridy is pleased with the finished product.


Bridy stated, “We felt that a minimal investment to make it easier to perform the teleconferences was needed. I talked to the judge and told him I was committed to this and will make sure we get a good system that the usability is at the same level as the state correctional facilities.”


Bridy said they finished the project at $5,000 under budget. It cost less than $7,000 and was budgeted at $12,000. Also they expected set-up would take 90 days and they finished in less than 30. Bridy said everything will be up and running next week. (Ali Stevens)




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