Crusaders rally to end hate

SELINSGROVE — “We are a community, we need to stand together.”  That was the message at an anti-hatred rally on the campus of Susquehanna University Friday afternoon.   The rally was planned following what were called recent hate-inspired incidents on campus.  University President L. Jay Lemons stood on a chair to address a gathering of students, faculty and staff.


“I’m saddened and angered by these recent incidents and others like them that happen all too frequently in society — but also on our campus.  It’s often hard to imagine how one person can make a difference in the face of such ignorance and hatred, but it is our challenge as educators and as members of this special community to seek to do just that.”


Sarah Holland, one of many students holding a piece of paper with the words “coexist” on it, agreed that an anti-hatred rally was in store. “I think it is really important to remember that in times like this, where all we are feeling is hurt and angry, we need to do that in positive ways.  Doing things like this, being active, showing love even to those who don’t show love to you.  That’s how we make the change.  That is what is most important in fighting this.  Don’t fight it with hatred, fight it with love.”


According to an e-mail President Lemons sent to students late Thursday night, the offensive acts included a swastika drawn on a whiteboard in the campus coffeehouse, with the phrase “Hitler went to Heaven”  beneath it.  Lemons was also alarmed to hear of a racial epithet spoken to an opposing player at a recent men’s basketball game. Several members of the staff and students spoke during the rally as over 50 students gathered around.  The SU Community Against Hatred Rally was held in the Degenstein Campus Center.  (Codi Jade)






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