Culver: I support ‘In God We Trust school mandate

“In God We Trust” bill to move on in the state House


SUNBURY – A local house member supports what may become a controversial measure in Harrisburg. State Representative Lynda Schlegal Culver (R-108, Sunbury) says she supports putting the motto “In God We Trust” in schools. A bill, sponsored by State Representative Rick Saccone (R-39, Alleghany County), will put the nation’s motto in every Pennsylvania public school building.


Schlegal Culver says she is surprised it is not already in our school buildings. “Why isn’t it in our school buildings? It is our nation’s motto. I know that next year there will be celebrations in our area about the motto and about Governor James Pollock. But, I think Rick felt moved to make sure every school aged child is aware this is our nation’s motto.”

James Pollock was Pennsylvania’s governor from 1855-1858 and resided in Milton. He is credited with suggesting the motto “In God We Trust” be put on American money.


Schlegal Culver says she supports the National Motto Display Act. “They are mandating that it be displayed in the schools, but they aren’t mandating how. It could be a print off, a plaque, an art project by students and so on. There is no penalty for a school if they choose to ignore this.”


Schlegal Culver says she is interested in what her constituents have to say about the bill. After passing the House Education Committee this week, the bill will go to the House floor in the next couple of weeks. Already some advocates for freedom from religion say they do not support the bill and will fight the measure. (Sara Bartlett)

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