Danville residents saddened by BJ’s fire

DANVILLE — Following a fire at BJ’s Steak and Rib House Sunday night, Danville residents are worried about the future of their downtown hangout. Mario Tollino was looking at the damaged restaurant from across the street.


He said it’s a shame to see this happen to a place everyone knows and loves. “A lot of jobs are lost. A lot of history is lost. So many kids go there after high school to get a job. BJ’s was always good about hiring. Now they won’t have jobs. And it is such a beautiful building… It’s the place everyone would go. You’d call someone to go out, and they’d say ‘where do you want to meet?’ and you’d always end up going to BJ’s because everyone knows it.”


His wife Lisa was checking to see if the fire affected her office at the next-door Geisinger building. “The office is closed today,” she said. “They asked us to stay out. From what I heard, there was some water damage on the first floor and smoke throughout the rest of the building. They’re going to assess it after the cleanup crew is done. They’ll let us know later on today if it’s okay to go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully we can.”


Tollino said luckily no one was at the Geisinger Mill Street office Sunday night. She said her daughter’s friends were having drinks at BJ’s when the fire occured, and were very impressed with the BJ’s staff.  “They were very diligent in keeping customers safe and getting them out of the building.


The sidewalk around the Danville BJ’s is roped off with caution tape. The historical building was built in 1888. Fire crews were on the scene from 8:30p.m. Sunday night until the early hours of Monday morning battling the blaze. (Codi Jade)

BJ's Steak and Rib House the day after fire

BJ’s Steak and Rib House the day after fire




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