Death toll revised downward in Moore, Okla.

MOORE, Okla. (AP) – The state medical examiner’s office has revised the death toll from a tornado in an Oklahoma City suburb to 24 people, including seven children. A spokeswoman says she believes some victims were counted twice in the early chaos of the storm. Authorities said initially that as many as 51 people were dead, including 20 children. More than 120 people have been treated at hospitals, including about 50 children.

MOORE, Okla. (AP) – Rescuers have been walking through neighborhoods near Oklahoma City where yesterday afternoon’s tornado flattened home after home, to see if they could hear any voices calling out from the rubble. In the darkness, they were illuminated by a light from a helicopter buzzing above. The search also continued through the night at an elementary school where the storm ripped off the roof, knocked down walls and turned the playground into a mass of twisted plastic and metal.

MOORE, Okla. (AP) – Much of the nation’s midsection is again being warned of the possibility of violent weather today — although the area at risk does not include the community that was devastated by yesterday’s twister. Hail, powerful winds and isolated tornadoes are in the forecast for parts of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.



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