DEP gives approval to tire burning plant

UNDATED – The Department of Environmental Protection has approved a tire burning facility proposed for White Deer Township, Union County.  Friday, DEP announced it has issued an air quality plan approval for En-Tire Logistics of Milton.  The plant will be used as an energy source for the adjacent National Gypsum facility and will burn natural gas and chipped waste tires.

The tire incinerator project has caused concern among many residents who say they are worried that burned tires can release harmful chemicals into the air.

DEP says they did a very careful and detailed review of the company’s application over the past 18 months to be sure that all applicable federal and state air quality regulations would be met.  In addition, they received and responded to over 200 written comments from the public.

DEP plans to hold an informational meeting with the public in October to discuss the approval process.  (Sara Bartlett)

Read DEP’s full press release here





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