DEP to review public comment on tire burner facility

WHITE DEER – Two months after a meeting proposing a tire burning facility in White Deer Township, Union County, a public comment period has ended.

According to DEP spokesman Dan Spadoni, they received 250 written comments, 62 phone calls, 177 signatures on a petition and 22 people who testified at the public hearing.  Now, it is time for DEP to do the work.  “Our air quality program must review all of the comments received and we must prepare a response to the relevant questions and concerns raised in the comments.  It will then be issued at the time we make a final decision on the air quality plan approval application.”

Spadoni says it will take time for DEP’s staff to go through all of the public comments, so there is no timetable yet for a response.

The tire incinerator is planned to be the energy source for National Gypsum Corporation, which makes wallboard, via En-Tire Logistics of Milton.  They are proposing to incinerate chipped tires to produce both steam and 7-megawatts of electricity.  Those opposing the burner have argued that burned tires can release harmful chemicals into the air. (Sara Bartlett)





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