VIDEO HERE: Digital Cinema changing the way we watch movies

SELINSGROVE – Digital cinema is changing the way audiences watch movies, but many ticketbuyers don’t understand what the switch from film to digital really means.

The first difference is that the movie comes on a hard drive, rather than on reels of celluloid. The digital print is played through a sophisticated projector that gives audiences a high-definition picture, even brighter and sharper than most HDTVs. This technology has also improved the quality of 3D, making it more immersive and cutting down on eye strain and headaches in the viewer. Perhaps most importantly, because the prints are digital, they can be played hundreds or even thousands of time with no decline in picture quality. Viewers no longer need to worry about scratches, color loss, or film breaks.

Digiplex Destinations Cinema Center of Selinsgrove manager Brady Fries says that there is even an environmental benefit to digital cinema. “It’s a much more green process,” he says. Because fewer resources are used to manufacture and ship digital prints, “it relieves a lot of the footprint.” Fries adds that digital technology allows cinemas a new found diversity of programming, which can be targeted to local audience interest. This includes the ability to beam in classic movies, concerts, operas and ballets, and sporting events via satellite.

The cost of converting to digital is expensive, and many drive-in and repertory theater owners must decide whether to make the switch or go out of business. But for the theaters that are going digital, the benefits are substantial for them and for ticket buyers as well.







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