Drug program to help students and parents

DANVILLE – The deadly, critical, drug and alcohol abuse epidemic will be brought up again later this weekA special drug program is planned for Thursday evening that can help both parents and students regarding drugs in the community.  The program is calledTogether We Can Save a Life and is hosted by State Representative Kurt Masser (R-107, Elysburg), Danville Police Chief Eric Gill and Danville superintendent Cheryl Latorre. 


All three were guests on WKOK’s On The Mark program Monday talking about the Thursday evening program at Danville Middle School.  Chief Gill said he hates when he hears people say a certain phrase“It’s not our problem.  People have to sooner or later wake up.  It is our problem.  It’s killing our kids.  It’s killing our young adults.  It’s killing people period.” (Ali Stevens) 

Latorre Gill Masser



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