Dunkelberger wins spot on general election ballot

SUNBURY – Justin Dunkelberger has won the republican primary for Northumberland County prothonotary.  He defeated Jamie Saleski by over 600 votes.  “The voters of Northumberland County didn’t buy into the spin that came out in the last 7-10 days,” says Dunkelberger.  “I think they voted with their conscious and voted with the issues.  There are problems in the prothonotary office and I think I am the person to go in there and fix them.”

In November’s general election, Dunkelberger will run against democrat Meg Bartos.  “I don’t know Ms. Bartos personally, but I think we both would have similar campaigns in wanting to fix the prothonotary office.  I believe can do a better job, speaking for myself, because I have more knowledge of the office going into it.”

During the race, Northumberland County commissioners Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bridy endorsed Dunkelberger. (Sara Bartlett)





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