Economist: Stores responding to Christmas demand

SUNBURY — While some people complain that Christmas has become more about retailing than religion, a local economist believes stores are just reacting to public demand.  Dr. Amy Wolaver is a professor of economics at Bucknell University and is the director of their institute for public policy.


She believes stores are not trying to change the meaning of Christmas. “As an economist, what I would say is that businesses are responding to demand.  If it wasn’t working for them, they wouldn’t be doing it.”


Wolaver said Christmas is what you make it.  If you don’t like the version of Christmas you are seeing on television you can turn it off.  She also said stores are not the place to look for the true meaning of Christmas. “I don’t think that the market place is where you should go for religion.  I go to church.”


Wolaver was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program.  You can hear more of her comments about the economy here. (Codi Jade)





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