Elected officials: lowering salaries is disrespectful

SUNBURY — After Northumberland County Commissioner Stephen Bridy made a motion to reduce the salaries of county workers by up to 50 percent, many workers say the motion shows a lack of respect for the work they do. Register and Recorder Mary Zimmerman talked about why she disagrees with the idea.


Zimmerman said, “You would end up having the salary of the people that are working in the offices at way higher than what the elected official would be making. Morale is at a terrible low in this county, and it has been for the last couple of years, but it just keeps getting worse.”


Zimmerman said she firmly believes that the county needs people that know what they are doing, with experience in the offices they serve. She says if they drop the salaries to $18,000 for all elected officials, they will just have politicians running the offices. Zimmerman currently makes about $57,000 annually.


Zimmerman has been working in the office for 18 years as a clerk and served the last 12 as Register and Recorder. She is up for reelection and is unopposed in the primary.


The idea of dropping county elected officials salaries has been tabled for further investigation. It would also include the elimination of medical benefits for elected officials, which Zimmerman strongly opposes. She said she is at an age now where that would be very detrimental for her. (Ali Stevens)




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