Electric company warns of imposters

LEWISBURG — A local electric company is warning residents to be wary of imposters.  Citizens’ Electric Company of Lewisburg says their customers have been reporting a scam attempt.

The first incident was reported Friday afternoon, when two women and a man came to a customer’s front door.  The folks told the man they were conducting a customer satisfaction survey for the Citizens’ Electric Company.  Fortunately, the resident was suspicious of the visitors and did not allow them into his home.

Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Citizens’ Electric Company John Kelchner said, “We have no such survey under way, and we advise customers to be wary of anyone who attempts to gain entrance to their homes by stating they work for the utility.”

All personnel wear uniforms with a company logo, drive vehicles clearly marked with the logo and carry laminated plastic photo ID cards.  Kelchner said customers should be wary of imposters and call police if they encounter a similar incident.  (Codi Jade)




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