Enabling The Valley’s youth

LEWISBURG – Empowering youth was the topic of the second annual Central Susquehanna Youth Development Forum held Monday.  Hosted by Penn State Extension, there was a panel discussion about youth in The Valley.

Mary Mahoney-Ferster of Penn State Extension says they look for organization to collaborate with young residents of The Valley.  “Working together you find a duplication of services or a duplication of resources and it’s really counterproductive and counter intuitive to the goals of all the different organizations so we take it as a collaborative and cooperative approach.”

One organization at the forum was Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA.  Ann Dzwonchyk, Program Director, says we need to start young.  “We need to start working with our kids to start taking a more leadership role and active role in their community. These are our future leaders so we need to train them younger in the hopes that as they become of age they turn out to be great leaders.”

Penn State Extensions encourages people to work together to help our youth. To get involved contact the Penn State Extension in Union County at extension.psu.edu/union. (Lauren Koch)


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