Enjoying the river can help the river

SUNBURY – As the warm weather is on the way, many people across The Valley may be thinking about putting their fishing rods and kayaks into the Susquehanna River.  Harry Campbell, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay Foundation, said these activities are more helpful than you may realize.


Campbell said the condition of the Susquehanna River is being studied by professionals, but there are ways that the average person can help.  “Probably one of the first things we can do to help is get out there!  Enjoy and invest in this resource.  Go out and fish and kayak.  Become an observer of this environment, and if you see something, tell someone.”


Campbell said anyone interested in the study of the Susquehanna River now has a new tool. “The state Department of Environmental Protection has created a website.  On that website they put their plan of how they are going to study it.  The details of all the different science they are going to look at.  So now the public can not only know the plan of what they are going to do to study this issue, but now they can actually follow along,” he said.


To find that information, go to www.depweb.state.pa.us, and click on “Susquehanna River Study Update.”  Campbell was a guest on WKOK’s On the Mark program Friday.  You can hear the full program online at www.WKOK.com.  (Codi Jade)

Harry Campbell



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