Evan CFO: Medicaid expansion would help

LEWISBURG — Many people may not know which way to lean in the Medicaid issue.  Jim Stopper, CFO of Evangelical Community Hospital, explained the issue from a local hospital’s perspective.  He said not expanding Medicaid could be costly.

“The idea is that federal and state governments are cutting hospital’s reimbursements,” he said. “Without this expanded coverage, uninsured individuals will most likely need free service through bad debts and charity from PA hospitals.”

Stopper explained what Evan would need to do if Medicaid is not expanded and reimbursements are cut.  He said, “We will need to cut our expenses, which makes it more difficult for a hospital to continue to provide the quality of patient care that our community deserves.”

Stopper said Medicaid expansion would reduce hospital losses and improve patient care.  Governor Corbett has recently signaled that the commonwealth will pass on the opportunity to expand Medicaid.  He believes that expanding Medicaid would cost Pennsylvania $4-billion.  Democrats and Medicaid advocates have questioned his calculations.  (Codi Jade)evan



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