Evan limits visitation due to flu

LEWISBURG — Local hospitals are taking action against the flu.  Evangelical Community Hospital is following Geisinger in limiting inpatient visits.

To place patient safety first, Evan has stated today that it will be temporarily limiting visitation as a precaution against the spread of influenza.  Children aged 12 and under are now restricted from visiting inpatient floors.

Medical Director of Infection Control, Dr. John L. Kryston, said, “While we are not currently experiencing unprecedented levels of influenza cases at Evangelical, we feel that this temporary restriction is the right thing to do to protect our patients and staff.”

Dr. Kryston said hospital employees have done everything possible to prevent an outbreak, including 97% receiving flu shots and the other 3% wearing masks.  He reminds everyone that getting a flu shot is the best prevention against the flu.  (Codi Jade)



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