Evan to “Freeze Out Breast Cancer”

LEWISBURG — Evangelical Community Hospital’s Thyra M. Humphrey’s Center for Breast Health plans to “Freeze Out Breast Cancer” this month.  The 8th Annual Mammothon is coming up January 22-24.

Thousands of women will receive phone calls designed to encourage them to schedule their annual Mammogram. Throughout the past 8 years, the center has completed 5,000 calls, with 1,000 women committing to a scheduled mammogram.

Andrea Bertram, Director of the ThyraM.HumphreysCenter for Breast Health, says, “We have invited Evangelical physicians, nurses and other caregivers to launch this year’s event by making the calls personally. They will not only encourage their patients to schedule a mammogram but will also address questions or concerns.”

The center recently received grants from the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Degenstein Foundation. These grants help extend the number of studies they can offer to women who are financially unable to pay for the screening.  Bertram said, “Early detection saves lives.  Don’t wait for us to call you, call us today to schedule your exam.”  For more information call the Thyra M. Humphrey’s Center for Breast Health at 522-4200.  (Codi Jade)




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