Evangelical Community Hospital acquires SUN Orthopaedic Group

LEWISBURG — Evangelical Community Hospital has acquired SUN Orthopaedic Group Inc.  The partnership between the Lewisburg-based hospital and the region’s bone and joint specialists was announced Friday.

Administrator at Sun Ortho, Linda Thoms, says the partnership was a natural step.  “It was the best course for the local community that we join forces.  Evangelical Community Hospital opened the Center for Orthopaedics in January and it was a natural progression to become part of them and continue to provide top quality care.”

The two groups formed a partnership in 2005 to begin a joint replacement program.  Evangelical Community Hospital President and CEO Michael O’Keefe says they are happy to make the partnership official.  “It helps further strengthen the hospital’s ability to meet the healthcare needs of the Susquehanna Valley. We could not be more pleased or proud to have this formal affiliation.”

The acquisition moves SUN Orthopaedic under the direction of the Evangelical Medical Services Organization and the transition is expected to be complete by the end of the year.  (Sara Bartlett)


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