Expanded cardiovascular care available at Evangelical Community Hospital

LEWISBURG – Many residents may not even know about the expanded cardiovascular care that is available at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg. Now that the hospital has expanded their cardiovascular services at the Donehower-Eisenhauer Pavilion, they have doubled the amount of patients they are able to help with cardiac care. Janele McKeta is Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Team and explained some of the things they are able to do to help patients with a blockage.


McKeta said, “A balloon that expands. It doesn’t use air like a normal balloon, but uses a mixture of water and a contrast so we can see it under X-ray and we can expand the blockage. If that doesn’t stay open on its own, we can put stents in. The stent almost looks like the spring that is inside your pen. They can expand and keep that blockage open.”


Lisa Brinkman is director of nursing for Cardiovascular Service. She said, “Our new area is also expanded to echocardiography, stress testing and cardiac rehab. We are able to provide echo to evaluate the function of the heart. Stress testing is actually to determine whether there could be any blockages in the heart.”


Brinkman says since 2010 when the expansion was completed, they have treated more than 700 cases at their facility. Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation has teamed up with Evangelical Community Hospital to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts during the month of February. Find out more about the efforts online at www.wkok.com. (Ali Stevens)




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