VIDEO HERE: Familiar landmark knocked down in East Buffalo Township

PA House towerLEWISBURG – “All that is left are memories.”  That phrase was heard Monday as the last recognizable pieces of the Pennsylvania House site was torn down.  The familiar cream-colored water tower that donned the PH logo was knocked down Monday.

It is all to make room for big things to come along Route 15 and St. Mary’s Street in East Buffalo Township says supervisor Henry Baylor, “It’s going to be a center of East Buffalo Township.  Giant Supermarket is coming in, CVS is coming in and there are other people who will be courted to build their retail facilities.  It is also going to incorporate some living facilities as well.”

The company started as the Lewisburg Chair and Furniture Company when it opened in 1887.  In 1961, the named was changed to Pennsylvania House Furniture and continued to make solid wood, upper-end pieces.

Mike Summers of Loganton worked with the company for over 25 years, and was there Monday, along with over a dozen other former employees, to see the tower fall, “I started here at $4.68 an hour and with the opportunities that I got here, I advanced up and was quality control manager for 15 years.  This place gave me so many opportunities.  It is what it is now, but this, by far is the best place that most of us have ever worked.”

In 2009, the brick smokestack was imploded on the Pennsylvania House site.  At that time, it was hoped that the water tower would stay standing.  However, it was found that it would get in the way of flood mitigation necessary for building on the new site.  To preserve what once was the Pennsylvania House location, developers say they will be working with Bucknell University engineering and art students to retain portions of the tower and create it into an art piece, which will stand at a newly built park on the site. (Sara Bartlett)



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