Feeding hungry Seals all summer

SELINSGROVE –  Hungry children is not just a world issue, it’s something effecting kids right here in The Valley – but thanks to the Meals for Seals program, some of those kids are being fed.


“The need is great, and we are working to feed as many hungry children as possible,” said Kelley Feiler, interim mobilizer of the Meals for Seals program. “There were 70-some families that were identified as appropriate for this program, but we only got back about 50 forms.  It is also a matter of being able to pick it up on that Saturday morning… Transportation is a barrier.  The need is far greater than what we are reaching, but we are getting there.”


The Snyder County Coalition for Kids is heading the effort, along with help from a number of churches and community volunteers from across Snyder County.  Feiler said the meals will be getting even fresher as summer rolls on.


“SU donated one of their community garden plots for us, and we have volunteers working on that.  They already have tomatoes, carrots, beans, cucumbers and lettuce coming up there.  They’re going to be able to have that out for the students soon.  Later in the summer we’ll also have some dieticians there to tell families what they can do with all that fresh stuff,” Feiler said.


Two meals a week are being distributed every Saturday during the summer.  Feiler says they could still use volunteers to help with collection and distribution efforts, as well as monetary and meal donations.  Anyone willing to help is asked to e-mail MelissaUrey@aol.com.  So far over 150 meals have been given out.  (Codi Jade)




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