Remembering Dr. Kamsler

SUNBURY — People are remembering the founder of Sunbury Animal Hospital and a great community leader following his passing.  Dr. Donald Kamsler died Sunday in Northumberland.  Kamsler founded the animal hospital in 1952. 

Dr. James Temple has been with the hospital since 1972 and calls Kamsler a mentor.  “He was a very astute businessman.  In our profession that is very important. We don’t have the outside support that, many times, human medicine does.  You have to be a good businessman to be able to do it, and Don was.”

Temple says Kamsler was also a very committed community volunteer.  “He has always been very active in rotary.  He enjoyed that very much and it was very important to him.  He was very active in his church and was a longtime member at the Union County Sportsman’s Club as well.”  Temple says he and Kamsler both enjoyed the outdoors and were avid hunters and fishers.

Randy Shroyer is a Sunbury Rotarian.  “If you wanted to know the proper way to act as a Rotarian, it was always Don you would look to as a role model,” says Shroyer.  Shroyer says Kamsler was the true definition of committed.  “If Rotary was doing something, Don was there and chances are he was one of the people behind setting it up.  Sunbury Rotary has had a lot of great Rotarians, but if there was a Mount Rushmore for Rotarians, Don Kamsler would be up there.”

Funeral arrangements for Kamsler are expected to be announced soon. (Sara Bartlett)




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