Flooding claims a landmark in Bloomsburg


BLOOMSBURG —Another piece of local history is being destroyed. Bloomsburg University plans to tear down the old Magee mansion–the art-deco landmark building on Route 11, near the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. The Press-Enterprise quotes school officials who say it has flooded one too many times. The building is a modernistic landmark between Route 11 and the fairgrounds.


The university has reached an agreement with the Magee Family Foundation to demolish the structure built by carpet magnate Harry Magee in the 1940s and give the land back to Magee’s family. Magee Center had been home to BU’s continuing education and professional development programs prior to the Lee Floods in 2011.


However, the cost of continual repairs in the wake of various floods in recent years has led to the decision to get rid of the building. The University has applied to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for demolition money and is waiting to hear back. (Matt Bowen)




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