F&M pollster talks about political disconnect in Harrisburg

UNDATED – There is a disconnect between state legislators and their constituents.  That is the view of Dr. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall College poll.  Madonna says legislators should focus not just on whether or not the public supports or does not support an issue, but how much of an impact those issues may have.

“We all have views on things, but that doesn’t mean the views we have on items are overly important to us,” says Madonna. “When we talk about liquor stores, every poll I have done and others have done show support for selling the liquor stores.  But, the last time I looked, you do not sit around the kitchen table talking about writing a letter to your state legislator about selling the state’s liquor stores.  I’m not saying it’s not important to state government, but for most voters it’s ho-hum.”

Madonna, a pollster for over two decades, says he likes to look at an issue more critically when it comes to public opinion.  “The way I try to think about issues is not just who is for or against, but what is the intensity.  How important to people say an issue is to them?  In my world, I look at if it will potentially affect the outcome of an election.”

Madonna was a guest on On The Mark Thursday and talked about the state governor’s race and the new pope.  You can download the show and all of the archived On The Mark shows here. (Sara Bartlett)





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