Former PA Governor: Back the president on Syria

UNDATED – A former Pennsylvania governor says it is time to stand behind the president as a nation.

We spoke with former Governor Ed Rendell in a recorded interview Thursday who said it is “ridiculous” for Republicans not to support President Barack Obama solely on the basis that he is a Democrat.  “I commend people like Senator John McCain who didn’t agree with the way the president handled the Syria problem from the beginning, but said clearly that it is the president, he is right, we have to do something and we have to stand behind him.  John Boehner said essentially the same thing.”

Rendell says he believes Republicans have demonized the president at the expense of voters.  “I think they have turned off a lot of voters who are independents or conservative democrats who don’t necessarily like the president or agree with him on everything, but I think they are tremendously turned off by this demonization.”

Obama continues to try and build support in Congress for a military strike on Syria.  The Senate Foreign Relations Committee decided to back military intervention Wednesday with a 10-7 vote, but there is still a deep divide over the issue. (Sara Bartlett)

ed rendell



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