Fourth vandalism reported at a Danville cemetery

DANVILLE – For the fourth time this summer, a cemetery has been vandalized in Danville, with flags being taken off of veteran’s graves.  Doug Resseguie is the Montour County Veteran’s Affairs Director and tells WKOK 22 flags were taken off of veteran’s graves at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Mahoning Township last week.

Resseguie says they replaced the flags last evening.  This is the fourth time this has happened at the cemetery and Resseguie believes the vandals are kids that have been seen hanging out at the cemetery.  So far, they have not been able to pinpoint who is doing this.  Resseguie says it is not expensive to replace the flags, but it is time consuming and also very disrespectful to the veterans.

Anyone who may have witnessed anything is asked to contact him at 271-3061.  Montour County provides the flags that are placed on veteran’s graves Memorial Day and the flags remain in place through Veteran’s Day.  (Ali Stevens)




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