Fracking has some supporters

PITTSBURGH(AP) – Many people inNew YorkandPennsylvaniahave voiced concerns about the safety of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or fracking. However, two recent surveys found that some areas inNew Yorkfavor drilling, and that most people in aPennsylvaniacounty feel the benefits outweigh the risks.


SienaCollegesays that a poll found 50 percent of respondents in suburban areas support drilling in upstate portions ofNew York, while 32 percent are opposed. InNew York City41 percent, supported drilling and 29 percent were opposed.


AUniversityofPittsburghpoll asked similar questions in a westernPennsylvaniacounty with intensive drilling. Forty-nine percent there strongly or somewhat supported fracking, and 22 percent had no opinion. Just 10 percent were strongly opposed, and 19 percent were somewhat opposed.


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