Fund set up for shooting victim

MILTON – A donation website has been set up for the victim of a shooting in Shamokin Township.  20-year-old Salicia Yost of Milton remains in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center, after she was found shot in the head.

Her aunt, Ang Melius has set up a fund to help pay for out of town expenses, hotel, food and travel for Yost’s mother and father.  Melius says her neice may be in the hospital for months.

Yost was found in her vehicle on Irish Valley Road around 5:30a.m. Monday morning.  Doctor’s later discovered she had been shot in the head.

No suspects have yet been arrested for the shooting.  Two men from Mount Carmel, Rafael Anthony Diroche Jr. and Esteven Rafael Soto have been questioned in the case.

Melius hopes to raise up to $5,000 for the family of Salicia Yost.  You can make a donation at  (Codi Jade)




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