Future Business Leaders present to Chamber

SELINSGROVE — Four Selinsgrove High School students took time out of their school day to present at the monthly Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting, Thursday.  The students discussed the importance of teaching smart business early.

 The group’s treasurer, Courtney Conrad, said, “The name of the game for business right now is defined benefits and pension programs.  College graduates now days are concerned more than ever about retirement and need to save money.  FBLA educates students on what jobs provide benefits and pension plans for their future, and how to save money effectively.”

 Other presentations were presented by Black Diamond Energy Consultants Inc. of Mount Carmel and Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance.

 The monthly Chamber meeting was held at Tedd’s On the Hill.  Before the meeting commenced, Art Bowen called for a moment of silence to remember the recently deceased owner of Tedd’s, John Skotedis. (Codi Jade)



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