Gas company fined for violations

WILLIAMSPORT  — A natural gas company has been fined by the Department of Environmental Protection.  DEP fined Pennsylvania General Energy Company $125,500 for two sets of violations in LycomingCounty.

According to DEP Director of District Oil and Gas Operations John Ryder, PGE had two brine spills from blender units of 8,200 gallons and one diesel fuel spill of 89 gallons during hydraulic fracturing operations between Jan. 6 and Jan. 15, 2012. After violation notices, PGE excavated more than 3,300 tons of contaminated soil.

PGE was cited back in 2011, when they installed a temporary cofferdam in Pine Creek, made with limestone rock, to construct a water intake structure.  The dam failed to adhere to DEP permit requirements.  In addition, PGE failed to implement and maintain erosion and sediment control best management practices, which resulted in several excessive sediment discharges during the four-month construction period into Pine Creek, which is a trout-stocked fishery.

DEP issued a notice of violation to PGE on May 20, 2011, citing violations of the Clean Streams Law and state environmental regulations addressing waterway encroachments and earth disturbances. Ryder said, following multiple inspections, all previous violations had been properly corrected.  (Codi Jade)



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