Geisinger and Lewistown Hospital consider merger

DANVILLE– Geisinger Health System and Lewistown Hospital have signed a non-binding letter of intent to explore ways the organizations can work together.  With the signing of the letter of intent, Lewistown Hospital and Geisinger can now move into a process to explore the possibilities of working together in greater detail or consider a possible merger.  They say the process could take several months.

Lewistown Hospital President and CEO Kay Hamilton said, “The healthcare environment not only in the Juniata Valley, but throughout the state and across the country continues to evolve and it’s our responsibility to take the appropriate steps, and best position the organization,  to provide quality medical services to our patients well into the future.”

Geisinger acquired Lewistown Cardiology Associates in October of 2011 and Juniata Valley Gastroenterology Associates in May of 2012.  However, many shareholders at Lewistown Hospital have expressed their disinterest in a merger with Geisinger Health Systems in recent months.  (Ali Stevens)




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