Geraldo Rivera debuts on WKOK

SUNBURY – Journalist Geraldo Rivera now has a regular spot on WKOK, with his talk show airing weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. on WKOK. Rivera was a guest on WKOK’s Tuesday On The Mark program and talked about what listeners can expect from him.


Geraldo said, “The norm has been this hard right wing, hard conservative, very strictly tea-party almost conversation. You know, I’m not always right in terms of my political ideology. I like to say I’m not red and I’m not blue, but I’m red white and blue.


Rivera said he calls himself the militant middle, saying there are some issues he borrows from the conservatives and others from the liberals and he tries to speak his own mind on those topics.


Rivera also talked about his hope for diabled Americans to have a better and more productive life. In 1972, Geraldo garnered national attention and won a Peabody Award for his report on the neglect and abuse of mentally retarded patients at Staten Island’s Willowbrook State School.


Today he said he believes the rights of the developmentally disabled are a barometer of how society is caring for the people least able to care for themselves. Rivera said, “I really believe given advocacy and the right resources, the vast majority of these folks can be so much more than they were capable of being in these huge government run institutions.”


You can hear Geraldo Rivera weekdays on WKOK from noon to 3 p.m. (Ali Stevens)




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