Gordner says economic development comes with CSVT

BERWICK – Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) gave WKOK an update on the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation project on Monday’s On The Mark program. He talked about the status of the transportation funding bill.


Gordner said, “The transportation funding bill in the Senate was designated Senate Bill 1, which obviously shows you the importance of the legislation. It was scheduled and considered in the Senate Transportation Committee, which I am a member of. It was reported out of committee by a vote of 13 to 1. There was obviously broad bi-parisan support. It’s now in the appropriations committee and the full Senate is expected to take it up in the first or second week of June.”


Gordner added, “Obviously we need action over in the house as well, so we are working on that, but the first steps are taken, which is very important.”


Gordner said major economic development will come with the building of the CSVT. He stated, “There will actually be a good amount of local development. Without giving any juicy details, I just met in the last month with a investor who plans to invest a couple-million-dollars into some economic development projects in Point Township when this becomes a reality.”


Gordner said the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce completed a survey that showed an overwhelming number of businesses support the CSVT project. You can hear more from Gordner on this and other topics from Monday’s On The Mark program online at www.wkok.com. (Ali Stevens)




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