Grades for school districts released Monday

SELINSGROVE – Now that Pennsylvania has been granted a waiver from No Child Left Behind, state education officials are prepearing for their new grading system of public schools across the state. Selinsgrove Superintendent Chad Cohrs explained the new accountability system called the School Performance Profile.

He said, “What that will do is look at some of the same factors that were looked at under No Child Left Behind, the biggest one being students performance on PSSA tests and the Keystone Exams. The state will take that data as well as some other demographic data and performance data from districts and put that into a formula and generate a score for all schools in the state. I think it’s actually a 0 to 107 point rating scale.”

Cohrs explained why the new system is favorable for school districts in the state. He said, “It’s not quite as punitive of a system for school districts as No Child Left Behind was. We still want students to be successful, but the goal of 100 percent being proficient by the end of this school year was a pretty unrealistic goal. There are measures along the way so districts can show growth and that’s what this new system is really looking for.”

Cohrs says the grades for school districts will be released on Monday of next week. You can find those on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website at The new profiles are based on not only standardized testing, but also attendance, graduation rates and closing the achievement gap. (Ali Stevens)




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